Hiring timeframe: Fourth Quarter of 2019

Lucideon is a leading, independent materials testing, analysis, characterization, development and commercialization organization specializing in materials technologies and processes. The company’s application of cross-industry insight, materials science expertise and innovative thinking allows clients to develop and implement advanced technology platforms. Product and process optimization, regulatory support and testing and failure analysis are additional key services offered to clients.

Lucideon M+P, a subsidiary of Lucideon Group Limited, is expanding its existing Greenville County presence. The company’s $7.5 million investment is expected to initially create 28 new jobs, with more to follow in the next five years. Lucideon M+P provides support to multiple industries including energy, aerospace and medical device manufacturers. The new Greenville site will become home to Lucideon’s Center of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing, supporting aerospace and medical device manufacturing.